How to create a quiz

Engage your respondents with quizzes now and then. They truly can be fun. Read on to learn how to create a quiz.

Step 1 – Create a new survey

  • Login or sign up.
  • Click “New Survey”.

Step 2 – Define your survey as a quiz

How to create a quiz

  • Click “Survey Properties”.
  • Navigate to “Quizzes and Tests”.
  • Check “Highlight correct answers” if you want the correct answer to be highlighted (recommended).  The correct answer would be highlighted in green just following respondents making their selection.
  •  Check “Display extended answers” if you would like to display explanations to the answer. Explanations can include, for example, why the specific answer is the correct answer.
  • Check “Record number of accumulated correct answers” if you would like the respondent to see the accumulated score or if you would like to record the score (recommended). Each correct answer adds one point to the score.
  • Optional: Go to the “Thank You Page” section and enter your own message to be displayed following completion of the quiz. Include [score] (the word score within square brackets) where you would like the numeric score to appear. For example, if your quiz includes 10 questions you can put “That’s great! You got [score] out of 10 questions right!”.
  • Go to the “Name and Description” section and enter the quiz’s name and, optionally, the description.
  • Go to the Title section and enter the quiz’s title.
  • Click “Save Properties”.

Step 3 – Enter questions for your quiz

Your quiz would mainly include radio button group questions where respondents may select only one option as the selected answer. You certainly can include other question types, for example, a question asking for the respondent’s name. For this tutorial on how to create a quiz, we will focus on adding questions that are are part of the quiz, i.e., questions that earn a point when answered correctly.

  • Enter the question in the Questions Text box.
  • Select “Radio Button Group” as the Question Type.
  • Click “New radio button group”.
  • Select the number of answer choices.
  • Enter the different answers. Make sure that one of the answers (and only one)  is the correct answer.
  • Click “Show/Hide abbreviated text”.
  • Append [!] (exclamation mark within square brackets) to the end of the correct answer’s “value”.
  • In in the previous step you may have chosen to display extended answers  (additional explanation for the correct answer). If that’s the case and you would like to display an extended answer for this question, enter the extended answer text in the “Radio button group description” box.
  • Click “Save”.
  • If there are more questions, click “New Question” and repeat the above for all the quiz questions. Otherwise, click “Save Survey”.
  • Try it out by clicking “Test a Response”.