OwnSurvey Terms of Use


Welcome to OwnSurvey!

Please read the following agreement carefully.


  1. You agree that OwnSurvey shall not be liable to you for any consequential losses which may be incurred by you whether they be from direct or indirect use of OwnSurvey services.
  2. You agree that you will not disrupt the services provided by OwnSurvey.

Author of a survey

  1. You agree that you are solely responsible for all activities within your account.
  2. You agree that you are responsible for the confidentiality of your OwnSurvey passwords and account details and that OwnSurvey will not be liable for your failure to keep your passwords or account details secure and confidential.
  3. If you are aware of unauthorized use of your account, you agree to notify OwnSurvey at support@ownsurvey.com.
  4. You agree that OwnSurvey has no responsibility to you or to any third party for any content and data that you create or display while using its services and for the consequences of your actions by doing so.
  5. You acknowledge and agree that OwnSurvey may stop providing services to you or to users generally without prior notice.
  6. You agree not to share the identity of a respondent or share the content of a specific response with any audience or media without the consent of the respondent.
  7. You acknowledge and agree that OwnSurvey's Email Distribution may not be used for purposes other than distributing your survey and that emails are sent only to recipients you are acquainted with or who have an interest to respond.
  8. You acknowledge and agree that surveys, questionnaires or any other forms distributed via OwnSurvey's Public Distribution may be collaborated upon by other users whereby survey responses are shared with and by them.

Respondent of a survey

  1. While OwnSurvey makes effort to disallow abusive content on its site, you agree that OwnSurvey is not to be held responsible for such content that may have been overlooked.
  2. By responding to a survey, questionnaire or any other form, you agree to allow the author use of your response.
  3. By responding to a public survey, you acknowledge and agree that your response may be shared with others.
  4. You agree to use caution when sharing identifying info, acknowledge and agree that OwnSurvey is not to be held liable for disclosures.