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Design your questions
and create a professional
online survey.
Choose from several
distribution methods
to send out your
survey to people.
Get responses and analyze them
using statistical charts, filters
and more...

Create Your Own Survey

Listen to your audience

Listen to those who affect your business and know what they want. Arrive at powerful conclusions by asking the right questions.

Be in touch

Stay in touch with your customers. Sending a survey or even a short quiz shows you care. Ask customers for their opinion and evoke discussion.

Make the right decisions

Aristotle taught this and used it:
  1. Get the facts
  2. Analyze the facts
  3. Arrive at a decision

Not only great features

All features included with our FREE plan. Go PRO to receive many more responses.
Create your own survey
  • Add images and videos to your questions
  • Introduce your survey in a Welcome Screen
  • Get insights using simple graphs and analytics
  • Receive responses to your email
  • Create quizzes and tests
  • Display Rules (branching logic) make surveys more personal
  • Add a custom Thank You page
  • Export responses to Excel or import questions from Excel
  • Make your survey easy to get to using a simple code
  • Use built in, ready to use questions and lists

Here to respond to a survey?

Public Surveys

Feel like taking part in a survey? We have surveys on a variety of subjects intended for everyone. Enter our
Public Surveys.

Private Surveys

Survey authors can allow respondents to reach their survey by entering a private code. Respond to a
Private Survey.

Know what your audience think.

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