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OwnSurvey Privacy Policy


OwnSurvey is committed to protecting the privacy of its users.

Personal Information

  • OwnSurvey requests minimal personal information.
  • OwnSurvey will never send or disclose personal information (login credentials, email address, payment information etc.) to a third party.

Respondent's Identity

  • A respondent's identity may be known to the survey author if entry to the survey is from a link within an email sent via OwnSurvey. In this case OwnSurvey or 'via OwnSurvey' is indicated in the email's 'From' field.
  • A survey's author may know (or have a good guess of) the identity of the person associated with a certain response. This is obvious when within the survey's questionnaire exists a question of an identification nature (e.g, What is your name?) or when the survey has been sent to a sole respondent.
  • Should the identity of the repondent to a specific response be known to the survey's author, the author may not disclose the identity under any media or to any audience outside of OwnSurvey without the consent of the respondent.
  • OwnSurvey will not disclose to any third party information that may enable an association between a response and the identity of the respondent.
  • For certain surveys, depending upon how they are distributed (sent to respondents), OwnSurvey may gather the respondent's email address from the survey's author. This is used solely for the purpose of sending the survey to the respondent.
  • OwnSurvey may gather the respondent's IP address to verify that a response has not been sent multiple times from the same computer.


  • OwnSurvey may disclose responses to other respondents of the same survey if this has been requested by the survey's author and if the disclosed responses' respondents have consented to share their response.
  • A survey author may disclose a survey's results, statistics and, rarely, individual responses to an audience outside of OwnSurvey.