Creating a quiz for added fun

Ever thought of creating a quiz or test? They can be a lot of fun.

Creating a quiz for added fun
What makes quizzes most fun and engaging is that the correct answer is displayed just after a selection has been made. The immediate feedback gives respondents a sense of “Yes, I was right again!” or “Oops, hope to get the next one!”.

Showing the respondent the correct answer is not where the fun ends. An optional explanation text can explain why the particular option is the correct answer. For this reason, quizzes can be great as educational tools.

Quiz or test? What’s the difference?

Generally, quizzes are short and sometimes made to be fun and as a game. They usually check the respondent’s knowledge but in a short, fun way. To make quizzes fun we can highlight the correct answer and display extended explanations. To make things even more amusing, respondents earn one point for each correct answer and the score is recorded and displayed after the quiz has been completed.

Tests can be longer and more serious. Respondents may earn varying points for each question. Some tests do not consist of right or wrong answers. For example, a personality test can include questions that consist of no correct answers. For such tests there would be a score that varies depending upon the answer.

So how does a quiz look like?

Tommy wants to send his family a fun quiz of questions concerning the family’s history. Whoever scores most gets a prize. Here’s how the quiz may look like. Notice that images and other media can be integrated within quizzes making the response process even more entertaining. Another interesting thing to notice is that the selected answer cannot be changed once the correct answer has been highlighted.

Creating a quiz on OwnSurvey is easy.

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