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Our Features
Check MarkAdd your logo
Customize your survey's theme. Upload your company's logo or an image to be placed on the survey's header.
Check MarkAdd Display/Skip Rules (branching logic) to your questions
Skip or display questions according to the answers provided in previous questions.
Check MarkView charts and reports
Research your results by viewing reports, pie charts and bar charts. Display column charts for question pairs.
Easily see whether two questions are dependent.
Check MarkAdd images, audio and Youtube videos to your questions
Spice up questions by including images, audio and Youtube videos.
Check MarkCreate quizzes and tests
Create quizzes and tests (such as personality tests). Display and record respondents' scores. Optionally display correct answers and extended explanations.
Check MarkFilter responses
View selected responses according to a filter criteria. For example, view responses entered this week by males younger than 18 years of age.
Check MarkCombine categories
Combine answer options while viewing charts. For example, combine counts for both those answering 'Yes' and those answering 'No' and compare with those answering 'Not sure'.
Check MarkUse various channels to publish and distribute your survey
Share your survey on social networks, email to friends or colleagues, display it on our Public Surveys page or distribute your survey by word of mouth.
Check MarkIntrigue your respondents
Allow respondents to see how others responded or to view Results & Stats including all or selected charts. Optionally let your respondents quench their curiosity by allowing them use of research tools.
Check MarkSet codes for question options
Set code values for question options allowing for compatible usage in statistics applications such as SPSS. For example, 'NY' for the state New York or 'M' for Male and 'F' for Female.
Check MarkSingle response per respondent
Ensure your survey is responded to only once per respondent by including a unique code for each respondent.
Check MarkIncorporate survey questions with answers to previous questions
As an example, if the respondent answered the question 'What is your favorite dessert?' with 'Chocolate ice cream', then the following question may include that answer: 'Why do you consider Chocolate ice cream to be your favorite dessert?'.
Check MarkRedirect respondents of an old survey to a new one
Periodically add or change surveys without sending your respondents a new link. They can use their link to an old survey to respond to the new one.
Check MarkUse built-in, ready-made radio button groups, check box groups and drop down menus
Built in radio button groups, check box groups and drop down menus exist for common lists such as countries, states, months, professions and more.
Check MarkReuse survey elements
Create radio button groups, check box groups and drop down menus once and reuse them in future surveys.
Check MarkMake use of 'Hidden' questions
Hidden questions are survey questions that are filled by you rather than by the respondents. Populate a numeric scale value or score into a Hidden question according to the content of a free text question. Hidden questions can also be used to enter your comments to a response.
Check MarkCompatible with right-to-left languages
Surveys look great also in right-to-left languages such as Hebrew and Arabic.

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