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Random Public Surveys

Bored with nothing to do? Feel like taking a survey? Here are random surveys intended for the general public. Help out a survey author (authors do not pay per response).

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Survey TitleSurvey LengthSurvey DescriptionRespondSurvey Results
How enjoyable is your life?
How enjoyable is your life these days?RespondResults
Volunteering Study
If you have volunteered or have done community service before, then please take this survey! I am a student and I'm doing a project on populations and volunteering rates. Hopefully, with this survey, volunteering rates can improve.RespondResults
Hand Tool Purchasing Survey
This survey is for a data analytics course I am taking, and is asking questions about your personal criteria when purchasing tools and then some basic demographic information. When you purchase tools, how do you decide which brand to buy?RespondResults
Covid Vax
Have you contracted covid anytime during Dec 2021 or Jan 2022?RespondResults
Eco Glamping
Eco Glamping and public Expectation. Asks questions about Glamping and Camping. For Business Start Up.RespondResults
Tavern Names
We're building a tavern, and would love your opinion on what to call it. THANK YOU.RespondResults
How do you prefer to experience a story? Movie or Videogame
I need to conduct a survey for my math class and I do not have enough friends to meet the requirements.RespondResults
if you had to choose a pet what pet would you choose
i was trying to adopt a pet and was wondering what would be the bestRespondResults
New Year’s Eve
Do’s & Don't’s in relationship withRespondResults
About smoking weed
About reasons for smoking marijuana and the affect it has on peopleRespondResults
Which domain name for personal projects?
Hello world! I'd like to open a personal blog where I speak about my projects and use it as a public diary. I need a name for this so I can buy a domain to use for it. I'm waiting for your feedback, thanks and enjoy it! :DRespondResults
Be a tourism guide
As a middle school student in the USA, I have been curious about what people would recommend so I can virtually check these places out and if I like them share them with other people. Remember this survey is anonymous.RespondResults
What would you do for your best friend?
I had a discussion with my best friend, who claimed anyone would go away when the best friend has fix, even if you traveled an expensive hour for just 10 min. She was weirded out that I didn't like that, travel an hour for almost nothing, and pressured me to make a poll of it.RespondResults
For anyone who uses TikTok
Hey guys, I am doing a research on TikTok and seeing how I can redesign the app to make it better! To do that I need to understand TikTok users better and their motivations for using the app :) Thanks for your support in taking this quiz and I hope you enjoy the survey <3RespondResults
Career Survey
Please anser which online coaching will your prefer? 1) Aakash + Byju's 2) Allen 3) Unacadmy 4) OtherRespondResults
My survey is just a couple of questions that are anime related.RespondResults
Anime Survey
This survey is to simply bring together those who like to watch anime; shows that are popular among kids, young adults, and probably older. The questions included in the survey ask for the individual's age, gender, and what anime shows they watch. This is for the reason of seeing who likes what and how large is that percentage, which could possibly inspire the individual to check out that specific anime for themselves, as it could be that a certain age and/or gender group likes a certain anime, based on the survey results.RespondResults
Which name for an art collection consisting of aliens illustrations do you think is better?
I'm trying to choose a name for my art collection of aliens illustrations.RespondResults
BTS survey time!!! (This is for all my co-ARMYs)
Just a cute simple quiz over BTS for all ARMYs to enjoy :DRespondResults
Fast Food Review
Just a simple survey of their favorite fast-food restaurant and why.RespondResults
McDonalds Review
It's all about the person's POV of McDonalds and how it works with them. I ask them simple questions about what they do at a McDonalds and how they feel.RespondResults
Graphical simulation of electronic circuit design
If a graphics program that helps you select electronic components for your circuit you are building seems interesting to you and you have some comments or ideas, please answer some questions in the survey.RespondResults
The Rapid Relief Team
This is just a very brief survey about the work of the RRT, a humanitarian aid charity. This is for a Public Awareness course. It would be very much appreciated by our team.RespondResults
Shopping for Pet Food Online
Hi Pet Parents and Pet Lovers! This short survey is important for us to understand what you like when shopping online, so that we can serve you better! Share your experiences as a consumer, your responses are essential for us and will be kept confidential.RespondResults
Gender & Workplace Motivation
I'm doing a paper for a college course involving gender, salary, workplace motivation, & career advancement, and need some responses for data. There are seven questions in total.RespondResults
Meeting new people with data privacy
Have you ever wanted to talk to any stranger without giving away your personal information? This 2 question survey is intended to help create a solution for full data privacy while you can get loose and chat with any stranger of interest that you bump into personally.RespondResults
Hi! I am doing a survey on individuals experiences and personal narratives of Diabetes. I am doing research based entirely on Primary Data and would like to hear personal stories and experiences.RespondResults
A short survey on vacation in 2021
Several tourist businesses have been suffering in the wake of covid-19. This survey is to find the likelihood of travel to these locations in 2021.RespondResults
Pornography Usage and its Affects : I am a student doing an investigative report and this survey data would be greatly appreciated :)
I am doing an investigative report for school and although this is a sensitive topic for many all replies are strictly confidential and this would be greatly appreciated for my paperRespondResults
Mindset change in Indian Youth
Please take this short survey to help us understand how covid 19 has changed the mindset of Indian Youth in picking there career choiceRespondResults
Subway Survey Questions
Random opinions about subway, that how people think about subway and how they like to have food .RespondResults
Conjugal Roles
I am a year 12 student studying conjugal roles in the family, and I wanted to publish this survey to collect research on the share of work in the family.RespondResults
Some questions about gender roles for a project.
PLEASE RESPOND. A short survey about opinions on the existence of gender roles for a school project.RespondResults
Impact of coronavirus on social life
Just a few short questions about impact of coronavirus on social life. This survey will be used for sociology project.RespondResults
Innovative professional ideas for new family orientated initiatives on the arisen
Family orientated initiatives to understand public needs and wants. Support understanding of family, new babies, and parenthood enabling empowerment across all aspects of care of a new baby. Giving guidance and understanding in all sectors new and old. Delivery of innovative benefits and methodsRespondResults
COVID-19 Mobility Survey
We are trying to find out the impact of COVID-19 on social mobility and we need data from different social groups.RespondResults
this survey is to record how many people use technology in today's life. this survey is very imporatant as it is my final exam for my o level exams.RespondResults
Percepción de similitud
Survey about musical perception.RespondResults
Searching engine
Which searching engine do you use?RespondResults
Does color affects individual's choice of ice-cream flavors?
The main subject of this survey is to know the relationship between color and ice cream flavors. The purpose of this survey to is to know the relationship between color and ice cream flavors.RespondResults
Beating the Coronavirus Quiz
Answer a short quiz - what you can do to prevent spreading the CoronavirusRespondResults
1 question English
One question just for data for my extended essay for English.RespondResults
How many minutes do you spend on a electronic device per day?
This is a survey for a class. We hope you answer honestly, we are on a deadline.RespondResults
[1 question] - We are launching an online decoration store.
We are launching an online decoration store. How much are you willing to spend online on decor items to your home?RespondResults
to expand what needing what's need to fixed and work on to grow and to love your self and you lover.RespondResults
Mövi Pro for Beginners
What are the main things about balancing a gimbal?RespondResults
Little Club Survey
Answer questions about your favourite little clubRespondResults
राजस्थान चुनाव
राजस्थान विधानसभा चुनाव सर्वेRespondResults
Eurovision 2018
This year’s 2018 Eurovision contest will be in Lisbon, Portugal on Saturday night, May 12. There are a total of 26 recaps of the songs. Listen to the songs ranking them as you go along. Ranking all the songs should take 5 to 10 minutes. Ranking is easy. Give “1” to the song you think will win. “2” for the runner up etc. Once a song has been ranked, you can always go back and change its ranking. It’s not mandatory to rank all 26. You can rank however many you like, for example, rank only those you think would be in the top 10 with a ranking from 1 to 10. Tip: record your rankings on a piece of paper and save it for the live contest. See how many of your guesses match all of Europe’s! So dive straight into the the Eurovision 2018 survey. It’s free. It’s educational and it’s fun!RespondResults
Arts Within Schools
This is a survey to collect data for a high school project on the affects of arts in schools.RespondResults
Zung self-rating depression scale
Am I depressed? Test yourself using the Zung self-rating depression scale.RespondResults
2016 Political Survey
This is a survey regarding the 2016 Presidential Election. You will be asked whom you would vote for and what issue is most important to you?RespondResults
Mobile Cycle Mechanic
As a dedicated cyclist with more than 20+ hands on experience in cycle retail and mechanics I wish to find out about peoples needs for cycling repairs at home or workplace!RespondResults
Who is your hero
This survey is about superheros on Mighty Med if you don't know what Mighty Med is type in Disney Mighty Med videos,images,and more.RespondResults
College Selection Survey
For my sociology class, I have created a survey to find out what factors are most heavily considered when selecting a college. I'm curious to see the responses from high school students choosing a college to attend, as well as adults who have been through the process.RespondResults
How many hours of sleep does a typical person get a day
The purpose of this survey is to conduct quantitative data for a math project that I have been assigned to do for my math class. Just type in the number of hours you get a day. You may learn that you need more sleep than what you are getting.RespondResults
This helps teachers and parents to find out how their students/child(ren) are finding school.RespondResults
This survey helps people to know about themselves because it is about friendship. This can help teachers because they will know how their students are feeling. Try searching Friendship in a search engine.RespondResults
Survey about sex
General questions about sex. This is just a starter and more questions will be addedRespondResults
The Ultimate Motorstorm Survey
The survey for Motorstorm fansRespondResults
Are all Workplace Injuries/ Accidents Preventable?
A short survey to see whether people believe all workplace accidents are or are not preventable.RespondResults
Season 3 Applications
just a game for those who want to playRespondResults
E Knowledge
Concerns a subject of great importance that gets little recognition.RespondResults
Old Painters
Old painters ar the big part of our history. In this short survey I'd like to find out how many people agree about their favourite painters and paintings, and how good is the knowledge about old painters. Also, I'd like to know how perfect those paintings are to you, would you change something or not. I hope younger people would answer those questions! Thank you!RespondResults
Keeping it real
Let's be honest. They need to know the truthRespondResults
Do you ever watch a baby?If not just watch them carefully...try to observe their movements...try to observe their facial expressions...his expressions towards you...his enthusiasm towards each and every new objects...it is one of the wonders of god...right?RespondResults
This is a quick a brief survey to see others knowledge about terrorism.RespondResults
Do you believe in GOD
Pls test this. Once this is perfect, then we can go for more...RespondResults
Measure Your Success
Various factors related to success in life have been formatted in the form of questions. You can give 4,6,8,10 points and add them to find out your scores. Your score will be out of 120. 1. 1 t0 30 score - Sorry, You have not achieved any thing in life.Put maximum efforts and improve all the qualities to become a successful person. 2. 31-60 : Improve your negative points and qualify to become a successful person 3. 61-90: Good, You are on the correct path.There is no doubt about your achievements. With only little more efforts you will be the most successful person. 4. 91-120: Congratulations!!! You are the one of the most Successful persons. Guide others to follow.RespondResults
Survey on Data Mining Software
Hello everyone, thanks for your participation in this survey on user requirements of data mining software! We are students of the Intelligent Computing Lab, Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University, P.R. China and we are conducting a project on developing an open-source parallel data mining platform. It is expected that, with advanced GPU techniques, many traditional data mining algorithms can be executed hundreds of times faster. To make the software better suit the requirements of potential academic and industrial users, please take some time to finish the following questionnaire. Your opinions and suggestions will be highly appreciated and will make significant contribution to the success of our project. Contact us (zhaona.hades@gmail.com and lixin8708@163.com) if you have problems or suggestions. URL: http://www.ownsurvey.com/take-a-survey.php?questionnaire=q5yHCXciPJd0w0eRespondResults
Simple Questions
This survey includes simple questions that come to mind. Questions like 'Do you ever feel guilty?' or 'When was your first kiss?'. Don't forget to check the box where is says 'Share your response with other responents'. Have fun!RespondResults
Occupation Survey
Do you love your job? Why DO you work?RespondResults
Sleeping Habits
This survey is all about sleeping habits. See how many people have the same sleeping habits as you. Witness descriptions of the most bizzare dreams. Please respond honestly. Thanks and enjoy.RespondResults
Giantess Survey. Please describe your giantess fetish.RespondResults
Motivational Analysis of organisation
1. Special wage increases should be given to employees who do their jobs very well. Strongly Agree____ Agree____ Disagree____ Strongly Disagree____ 2. Better job descriptions would help employees to know exactly what is expected of them. Strongly Agree____ Agree____ Disagree____ Strongly Disagree____ 3. Supervisors ought to work hard to develop a friendly working atmosphere among staff. Strongly Agree____ Agree____ Disagree____ Strongly Disagree____ 4. Employees want to feel that their real skills and capacities are put to use on their jobs. Strongly Agree____ Agree____ Disagree____ Strongly Disagree____ 5. Company retirement benefits, bonus and incentives are factors in keeping employees on their jobs. Strongly Agree____ Agree____ Disagree____ Strongly Disagree____ 6. Supervisors should give a good deal of attention to the physical working conditions of their employees. Strongly Agree____ Agree____ Disagree____ Strongly Disagree____ 7. Pride in one's work is actually an important reward, stimulating and challenging. Strongly Agree____ Agree____ Disagree____ Strongly Disagree____ 8. Visibility with upper management is important to employees. Strongly Agree____ Agree____ Disagree____ Strongly Disagree____ 9. Employees generally like to schedule their own work and to make job-related decisions with a minimum of supervision. Strongly Agree____ Agree____ Disagree____ Strongly Disagree____ 10. Job security is important to employees. Strongly Agree____ Agree____ Disagree____ Strongly Disagree____RespondResults
Running Habits
This survey is about the running habits of runners.RespondResults
Shakespeare plays
Hi, My name is Jimmy Sears. I am from Ontario, Canada. I am interested in Shakespeare plays and I created this survey to try to find out which of Shakespeare's plays are most popular. Thanks for your responses!RespondResults
Long Lost Family
as part of my college work, I have been asked to create a storyline and write a script based upon it. I have decided to go with a long lost family theme, where a young girl, around 14 years old, finds out that she was adopted when she was just a baby. She didn’t do anything about it, however, because she didn’t want to hurt her adoptive parents feelings. Up until being 19, she always wondered so many questions. “Who are my birth parents?” “why was I given up for adoption?” “did they not want me?” etc. After giving birth to her own child and realising how hard it must have been to give up a baby, she begins her search for her birth parents, hoping to find them and have her questions answered.RespondResults
Data Mining
Hello everyone, thanks for your participation in this survey on user requirements of data mining software! We are students of the Intelligent Computing Lab, Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University, P.R. China and we are conducting a project on developing an open-source parallel data mining platform. It is expected that, with advanced GPU techniques, many traditional data mining algorithms can be executed hundreds of times faster. To make the software better suit the requirements of potential academic and industrial users, please take some time to finish the following questionnaire. Your opinions and suggestions will be highly appreciated and will make significant contribution to the success of our project.RespondResults
Cash Withdrawal
You are at an ATM machine. You request to withdraw 200 dollars and out come three 100 dollar notes. Would you return the extra 100 dollars?RespondResults
Ever wonder whether there really is a relationship between chocolate and love? You can help find out by answering this short survey.RespondResults
Favorite book
Share your favorite book with others. Write about your most memorable episode within the book and see how others responded!RespondResults
Say No To Drugs
Say No To Drugs/Fight against Drugs/How can I helpRespondResults
Writting Impressions
This is a Survey to see how different age groups respond to Writing and how to change our educational system to support that.RespondResults
Safe Driving
This survey is about potential safety measures for driving. 10 questions, 50 seconds.RespondResults
Sana Nseir
I am a graduate student finishing up my Master's program. My thesis is in Mobile Payments. I would like to reflect the results of this survey in my thesis and analyse them. The survey is to get a feeling from the public whether mobile payment is ready to be used or not.RespondResults
Maleficent Parents Survey
This survey's purpose to conduct primary research for a advertising and promotions marketing class at California State University, Long Beach on the new Disney film Maleficent.RespondResults
environment awareness
for my english class. tis survey was adapted.RespondResults
How much do you know about Japan?
With the increasing ties between India and Japan, it is important to understand how much we know about Japan and what we perceive about the underlying opportunities. This survey intends to evaluate such aspects.RespondResults
Working with Startups
Entrepreneurship is the new wave in today's economy. Is the industry ready to adapt to this trend? The survey intends to understand the comfort level of the industry to work with Startups.RespondResults
Startup Experiences
Startups face certain challenges at various stages of their business. This survey intends to bring out the key challenges faced by startups, and solutions that have worked for them. This is expected to yield learnings and for the budding Entrepreneurs. Don't forget to provide your Email id at the end of the survey, if you would like a complimentary copy of the Survey Report.RespondResults
Animal Testing
This is a survey i have created to see the publics view on animal testing for a school projectRespondResults
ART Ellipse
This survey is all about art and paintings. How people buy? What they like? What they expect from ART seller?RespondResults
Describe something you've done and later felt ashamed of?RespondResults
Psychology - High school
Just a little survey about Psychology in High schoolRespondResults
Target Customer Loyalty Survey
This survey is looking for feedback from customers of Target, from those who were victim of the security breach last year and from anyone who shops at Target. Who are looking for customer loyalty feedback.RespondResults
Just a simple burden test to see what kind of things people go throughRespondResults
How Many guys would
This survey is to see what guy would do if stuff like this came up.RespondResults
Do you feel angry sometimes? How well do we cope with anger?RespondResults
Target Customers Survey
If you are a Target customer we would like to know your sentiments about the recent security breach and how it affected your loyalty to the Retailer. Please take the following 7 questions survey.RespondResults
Vote for the Mulicher Awards 2014
Vote for the 2014 Mulicher Awards.RespondResults
It is an interesting survey about the aperif!RespondResults
Oil Crisis in the Philippines
An oil crisis is an oil shortage which may be real, predicted or a matter of speculation. It is defined by a sudden deficit in supply compared with demand. This results in soaring barrel prices and triggers significant economic consequences on an international scale.. Oil crisis is also basically a phenomenon where the prices of oil products boost up because of the increase in world market's price which is caused to a so-called 'decrease' of oil deposits.RespondResults

Additional Survey Results

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Market Survey on Customers Motivations and Purchasing PatternsResults
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